You will find answers to commonly asked questions about Tattstr Contemporary Tattoos and custom orders here. If we did not find the answer to your questions, email us at and we'll get back to you asap!

How do I apply my tattoo?
It is as simply as; clean and dry skin, remove clear overlay, place tattoo on skin image side down, moisten back of tattoo for 30 seconds and peel to reveal your Tattstr! For a more detailed answer on application see our page  

How long do Tattstr temporary tattoos last?
They last at least 2 – 4 days. Skin should be dry, clean and free of makeup. For best results choose an area on the skin that's not stretchy. (YES to limbs, body, head, NO to joints with lots of movement like elbows, knuckles, front of neck, around eyes and mouth.) To care for your tattoo after water activities, pat dry and keep away from alcohol, oils, soaps and suntan lotions. Speaking of tanning, if your tattoo is enjoying summer time sun, they will leave tan lines when removed.

How do I remove my tattoo?
The best way to remove your Tattstr is by simply using a strip of adhesive tape applied over your tattoo. Rub the applied tape and peel to reveal skin! Out of tape, then use perfume, rubbing alcohol or baby oil and it will peel away with a bit of rubbing.

How safe are temporary tattoos?
For small print runs Tattstr uses safe temporary tattoo papers that comply with Australia Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003 and for large runs we use only USA FDA approved vegetable based inks. Do not apply tattoos if you have extremely sensitive skin.

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What is the minimum order of custom temporary tattoos?
Our minimum order for custom Tattstrs is 1,000 tattoos. You can get more information about custom Tattstrs here!

What size can you print a custom temporary tattoo?
Custom tattoos range in size from as small as 1.5" x 1.5" (38 x 38mm) to our biggest size of 4" x 6" (50 x 152mm). You can get more information about custom Tattstrs here!

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Can I buy a large order of Tattstr tattoos and do I get free shipping?
Please contact for a custom quote on large order requests. For most wholesale orders Australian domestic shipping is $14, and international shipping is $28. Extremely large orders may cost more to ship.

I have a retail store and I would love to sell Tattstrs in it.
The Tattstr team welcomes you aboard! Please send an inquirey to and we can send you our lookbook and wholesale order forms.

Can Tattstr be part of our event?
We would love to hear what you have in mind, please contact us at and we can collaborate to make it happen.

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Who designs your tattoos?
Our designs come from the internal team as well as licensing artists and designers from our global network who are paid royalties for their fine designs.

How do I submit a tattoo design for review?
Right now we are seeking new artists to join our Tattstr network. Please contact and we will make plans to review your portfolio. All going well we will then send you a submission kit which you can review. Good luck and hope to work with you soon :)