dreamcatcher peach temporary tattoo by tattstr
dreamcatcher peach temporary tattoo by tattstr dreamcatcher black temporary tattoo by tattstr two dreamcatcher peach temporary tattoos by tattstr

Tribal  Feathers ★ Beads

Tattstr Contemporary Tattoos presents Dreamcatcher a black and peach temporary tattoo  inspired by native American cultures. Combining beads, feathers, a hoop and woven in the form of a stylised spider web  this design is sure to look gorgeous on your shoulder, arm, chest or other significant bodily bits making an exotic and fashionable statement!

COLOURED BY: Team Tattstr

APPROX SIZE: 2.5" x 5" (64 x 127mm)

WHAT'S INSIDE: Sold as a TWIN PACK - cause great things come in pairs!

Made in Australia with compliant, safe temporary tattoo transfer paper. Lasts on average 2-4 days. 

TO APPLY: Remove clear overlay, place on skin, thoroughly moisten back and peel to reveal this beautiful Dreamcatcher.